Thoughts on the Beverley picture

Having completed the picture of Beverley we now need to decide on the next shot. We’re very pleased with the picture of Beverley Minster as we wished to capture the tall elegance of the building, with the tall twin West towers as the main focal point, as this is what it is famous for, and I think we have achieved this well. This shot could only be taken at this time of the year because we needed the sun angle to be just right lighting the church from the East, yet the picture relied on being able to see through the trees to the Minster building. The spring buds give life to the trees, winter dormant bare branches look uninviting.

The next shot we do will probably be the interior of Beverley as it is quite stunning. The trick will be to capture the sheer brilliance and size of the place in a two dimensional image. Watch this space………………