The History of Selby Abbey

Bolton Priory 215x150 The History of Selby Abbey

The ruinous Chancel of Bolton Priory

Just finished researching the history of Selby Abbey, and condensed it into 200 words for our brief description. It is amazing how all these places suffered from fires and the collapsing of -in many cases – over ambitious -towers, which tended to bring down much of the building. Researching Selby also showed how close it came to being ruinous in later times – the town bought it as a parish church but struggled with cost of up keep. The same thing happened at Howden minster and Bolton Priory ( known inaccurately as Bolton Abbey ) . As with Selby the local population bought the church, but when the East ends fell into disrepair they had to be closed off and left due to lack of funds, so these places are part ruin, part church. Selby came very close to being the same, but was saved by local financial support.