Flamborough Head

Flamborough Head 300x146 Flamborough Head


Flamborough Head is a promontory jutting out into the North Sea between Bridlington and Scarborough on the Eastern coast of England. It comprises of chalk cliffs which are being continually eroded by the sea, and feature a number of arches, stacks and caves. In the early days of navigation it’s eight mile intrusion into the sea was a danger to shipping, and it has the oldest complete lighthouse in Britain, built from chalk in 1669. It is believed to have been designed to have a bonfire built on top, though archeologists suggest that one was never actually lit.

Our picture shows the later lighthouse built in 1806, and on the left hand side is an arch known as ‘The Dinosaur”. As well as being known for it’s many nesting sea birds, Flamborough Head is also known for the battle between the Royal Navy and the American privateer the ‘Bonhomme Richard’, which was sunk just off the head. Many people have tried to locate the wreck including the famous author of fiction Clive Cussler, but as of yet it has evaded discovery.