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Dartmouth at Sunset

New landscape picture of Dartmouth at Sunset added

Did Robin Hood really exist ?

Some of our early pictures were located in an area that used to be known as Barnsdale, or to be more accurate they were taken around the outskirts, as Barnsdale was a massive forested area that was larger than Sherwood, and was so dense that the abbeys and castles were built around it, not in […]

Superzoom for Selby Abbey

We have recently added a super zoom link for Selby Abbey. It has really worked well for the interior shot, as you can read the writing on carvings and enjoy the intricate detail of this amazing building. Please do leave comments if you enjoy looking at these images, or if you have some interesting […]

Pillars of the Earth

This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get lost in our medieval past. Ken Follett has a slightly racey style but he is still very readable, and in “Pillars” he tells a great story. I’m slightly puzzled by why Kingsbridge Priory remained a Priory despite becoming very […]

Harrow Fourth Form Classroom Superzoom

We have now added a Superzoom for the picture of the original fourth form classroom at Harrow School. If you look at the third panel to the right of the fireplace, you can see where the poet Byron and the playwright/poet Sheridan carved their names before they left the school. It was a tradition to […]

Where were all the trees ?

My grandfather took some colour 6×6 slides of the Lake District in 1936. ( Yes that is early for colour transparencies !). We found them a few years ago and decided to visit the Lakes and retake some of the shots as they are now. As they were all in Borrowdale it was quite easy […]

Spofforth Castle

Had a flying visit to Spofforth Castle to day to scout for a possible picture. Actually it is not a castle at all, and never was, being originally a Saxon manor house which was given to William de Percy in 1097. It is reputedly where the Northern Barons drew up the Magna Carta in 1215. […]

Rievaulx Bridge

Rievaulx Abbey is a wonderful place to visit, with extensive ruins as can be seen in our pictures of it at The picture taken from inside the chancel is looking out towards Reivaulx Bridge over the river Rye. When you go to Rievaulx it is well worth taking time to travel further down the road […]

Roche Abbey and Capability Brown

We have mentioned in our picture of Roche Abbey that it was built from a very high quality seam of white magnesium limestone, and the abbey was highly regarded for it’s beauty by other monastic houses of the time. When you look at our picture, you can see how bright the remaining transept walls are, […]

Beverley Superzoom

We have added a Superzoom version of the Beverley Minster picture. See link below. This allows you to explore the remarkable detail of this beautiful building. Having read my collaborator’s blog on the restoration works at Howden Minster, it is fantastic to be able to zoom in on the detail of the masonry and consider […]