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Scouting the next picture

Been over to Beverley to day to scout out the interior shot that we are going to do shortly. Also received permission from the head Verger to shoot inside the minster as the church holds copyright of images taken inside. We want to show the superb structure of the nave, West window, but also include […]

Thoughts on the Beverley picture

Having completed the picture of Beverley we now need to decide on the next shot. We’re very pleased with the picture of Beverley Minster as we wished to capture the tall elegance of the building, with the tall twin West towers as the main focal point, as this is what it is famous for, and […]

The History of Selby Abbey

Just finished researching the history of Selby Abbey, and condensed it into 200 words for our brief description. It is amazing how all these places suffered from fires and the collapsing of -in many cases – over ambitious -towers, which tended to bring down much of the building. Researching Selby also showed how close it […]


We will shortly be adding the amazing superzoom technology to our website that allows you to zoom in to the full detail of the original image. This works fantastically well for our images as they tend to be ridiculously high resolution. In the past we have not had a way of sharing this detail, but […]

New Photographs added

We have now added a new page which allows you to see all the photographs in one place. By clicking on the photograph menu bar you can view thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger view, then you can navigate from there.

Welcome to our new website!

We are really pleased to publish our new website. Hopefully the combination of beautiful imagery and facts about these incredible buidlings will inspire some interest! Please feel free to add comments.